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First things first, I'm a wedding photographer because I think marriage is awesome, and I'm a sappy romantic & I'm an artist, but not the kind who's good with a paintbrush. Hence, photography, because you don't need a paintbrush for that.


I live in the beautiful Okanagan with my hubby and 27 houseplants. To both our surprise, Pierre & I fell in love; eloped; then moved to Kelowna BC almost 2 years ago. About once a week, you'll still hear me exclaim my disbelief and gratitude that we live in such a beautiful place.


If I'm not on my beautiful couch (ask me about it some time, I really love my couch) editing and emailing; you'll find Pierre & I ripping around his old fart of a convertible or climbing up the Okanagan's mountains for a snow day, picnicing wherever we end up; or kayaking around the lake and maybe skinny dipping.


Things are exciting to me: Sushi; real film; third wheeling really in love couples; rock climbing; houseplants; matcha green tea; chubby babies; and eating something yummy that I cooked.

How I feel about photographing weddings: Honoured. It's a privilege to be invited to share one of your most treasured and valuable moments of life; I can't think of a better way to spend my weekends!


Stoked that you read to the end haha. Can't wait to hear from you! 


- Danika

this is Pierre & me. he loves me and his car (in that order). we eloped in a greenhouse and we were half an hour late for it. we like going for long drives and picnicking wherever we end up.

"If you’re looking to hire someone to just take your photos, you’re looking at the wrong person. Danika is exceptional in everything she does and goes above and beyond to make a personal connection with each and every one of her clients. When you hire Danika you aren’t just hiring a photographer, you’re bringing a human full of such pure joy and happiness that you end up leaving with more than just excellent photos; you leave with a new friend."

- Owen & Sienna

this is bob & me. she loves carrots and *short* hikes (in no particular order).

Danika not only has the eye & talent for amazing photos, but she has such a loving & caring personality.  It was such an honour for us to have her as our photographer.  She captured the most beautiful photos of our wedding day.

- Sharon & Spencer


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Making pictures, documenting moments, telling stories.

Danika is a lifestyle portrait & wedding photographer based in Kelowna + Vancouver BC. 

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